Matrix League has worked in the community for over 20 years. As a family operated 501(c) (3) nonprofit, the family focuses on finding solutions to addressing homelessness and poverty in the community. Matrix League builds partnerships with other nonprofit organizations to host drives and provide emergency supplies for distribution. As the family set goals for 2019, it was decided that they would expand their donor network. By widening their donor network, Matrix League would bring more awareness to a growing problem in the local communities.   Matrix League officially received their status of incorporation as a nonprofit in the state of IL and received their 501(c) (3) status through the IRS as of February 2019.

Matrix League’s mission is not only driven by addressing hunger and homelessness but helping individuals less fortunate. Homelessness is not only defined as living on the street, it can be not having a bed of your own, living under the roof of a friend, not having a room of your own, living on the street, or possibly living in your car. There are many variations of hunger that can also be defined as only having one meal a day, not having the proper funds to purchase enough meals for your household, falling short on money or rationing meals to make ends meet. Even with access to local pantries, due to the number of families in need, most can only receive assistance one time a month. Matrix League is addressing these emergency needs one person at a time.

Founder, Maritza Vega, knows too well what it’s like to feel hungry and homeless. From 1995-1997, she experienced a streak of unfortunate events, from losing her job, to not knowing how to pay the rent, to living off of packaged soups and all while pregnant. Following the birth of her now 21-year-old, a good friend took her into her home. Eventually she returned back home to Chicago after living in South Carolina for 2.5 years.


In her own words, Maritza states, “When I returned to Chicago in 1997, it was then I realized that despite all my setbacks there were strangers that reached out to help me. These strangers took the time out of their day to provide me meals, clothing and comfort. This catapulted me even more to provide service for others that would normally not ask for help.  Lastly, hunger and being homeless is not a choice or illness, it is often a result of unfortunate events. When you have no support system and start to worry your mind becomes clouded. You begin to feel like you will never climb out of this hardship. I was just lucky strangers, acquaintances and my own family never gave up on me.”

Now in 2019, Maritza is a successful HR professional, entrepreneur, community leader, and mother of three. Join the #matrixmovement by contacting us today to learn more on how you can get involved.